It might sound ridiculous, but it’s happening. At the end of September of 2022, 36 runners and other key volunteers will embark on a journey of endurance while also raising money for Living Water Ministries.


In short, Living Water Ministries provides faith-based summer camp programs on beautiful Stony Lake in New Era, MI. However, what we do isn’t that simple. Beyond providing the traditional “kumbaya” camp experience, we attempt to utilize the camp environment to create what we call “sacred communities.” In these sacred communities, participants from all walks of life come to know that they are loved and valued by God and each other for exactly who they are. Whether we’re serving students from congregations, children in foster care, families experiencing homelessness, adults with developmental disabilities, or training multicultural & anti-racist leaders from all over the country, we believe God is changing the world through the communities we gather as we emphasize faith formation, service, leadership and community.

In 2021, Living Water Ministries received donations from 39 states, Austria, Canada, Ireland, and Thailand from people like you willing to support our Run the Race efforts.  You’re invited to join this inspiring community of supporters with your generosity!

Free Camp | Every camp program we offer at Stony Lake is free to attend in 2022. Your gift helps make this possible.

Renewed Facilities | Our new duplex cabin will be completed in April of 2022. Your support helps make future phases of our facility renewal plan a reality.

Partnerships | We do this work alongside partner organizations serving marginalized populations. Your generosity helps establish these relationships.

Innovation | Our programs are nationally recognized and award winning. Your donation helps provide the environment for continued innovation to occur.