At Living Water Ministries we are focused on bringing together all of God’s children to experience Christian community, grow in faith, develop leadership skills, and serve others. Participants engage our programs and experience a community of people that authentically values them for who they are as a child of God. We also have a lot of fun as we form these communities. Through our low ropes course, high ropes course, trip to Lake Michigan, horseback riding trip, fun camp games, and more we marry fun and faith in a way that allows people to experience Christ in substantive ways.

Attending summer camp has numerous advantages for children.  It can nurture their independence, help them develop important social skills, and increase their self-esteem and self-confidence. Every child deserves the chance to feel like a normal kid — and YOU can make that happen.

Samaritas’ goal is to send 60 kids to Stony Lake in July through the “Foster Kids to Camp” program, and we’d like you to consider sponsoring one or more of them. Visit to learn more.

In pursuit of our mission and vision, Living Water Ministries hosts a week of camp for high school students called “Bridge Builders.” Bridge Builders is a collaboration of our two ELCA synods in the lower peninsula of Michigan. The goal of our Bridge Builders program is to develop young leaders for the church and world with a raised awareness and understanding of the realities of racism. The camp environment is utilized to form intentional community that grows together and with Christ through this uniquely formative experience.

MYLA VIDEO (28 minutes) MYLA (Multicultural Youth Leadership Academy) offers young men and ladies (ages 13-16) a safe space where they will be developed and refined as leaders for a multicultural world. Campers from multiple cultural backgrounds will form community with one another, experience the richness of each cultures’ heritage, and develop together as leaders. This program occurs as a collaborative expression of Rescue, Release, Restore (Chicago, IL), Living Water Ministries (New Era, MI), and Rev. Sunitha Mortha.  The video linked here is a special that aired on a local affiliate in the Chicago area after our inaugural year in 2016.